Finding a Fashion Wedding Photographer

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If you have a flair for the dramatic and want to make your wedding even more memorable, consider hiring a fashion wedding photographer to give your photos a high-art edge that will stand out from the crowd.

Blending fashion industry technique with traditional photography and photojournalism, fashion wedding photography presents its subjects as if they are in a photo spread for a fashion magazine like Vogue or Elle. Fashion wedding photos may feature a mix of posed photos and candid shots, but will generally have high stylistic and photographic quality to keep in step with the “magazine” feel of the concept.

When you go about finding a wedding photographer, you should obviously look for an individual who has had experience in the fashion industry. Your photographer should ideally have had experience shooting for fashion magazines, a clothing designer, or another area in the fashion and beauty industry. As with any photographer, you must ensure that your photographer has his or her own equipment and studio to develop or process your photos.

A fashion wedding photographer may have a website that displays his or her portfolio, but it is always a good idea to see the photos in person so you can really dissect their artistic qualities. Pay close attention to the lighting, positioning, makeup and hair in these photos.

Fashion wedding photography usually reflects your photographer’s personal “artistic vision,” so be sure that you feel comfortable with your photographer and that there is a give and take of ideas. Remember that this is collaboration, and your fashion wedding photographer should be in tune with your needs while also injecting his or her own sense of style into the photo shoot and art direction.

Should you choose fashion photography for your wedding, be sure that your dress and makeup as well as that of everyone in your wedding party will be in step with the photographer’s artistic vision. Your wedding venue can play a role in the dramatic effect of your fashion photos, so be sure to collaborate with your photographer on ideas for settings and poses.

A photo shoot with your photographer will give you a number of shots to choose from, but you should also have a few ideas in mind for your fashion wedding photographer to shoot. Bear in mind that your fashion wedding photographer will likely retouch and edit your photos to keep in step with your wedding’s “high fashion” concept. Imperfections like red-eye or a stray hair can easily be removed from your photos, leaving only the best presentation of your wedding day.


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